Charming Sexy Vintage Jacquard Overbust Corset And Skirt Set

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Sexy Vintage Corset & Skirt Set includes: streampunk vegan corset with steel boning, with vibrant color pattern, double buckles trim on two sides, attached 12 steel bones for support, clasp closure front, lace-up back for cinching; This fashion sexy black dancing petticoat, front with black little beads embellished in bottom, five layers design in back, used high quality yarn and satin fabric, hi-lo design.

.All corsets requires 12 business days (minimum) for production before they can be shipped. Once shipped you will receive an email with your tracking number.


Size Chart 

Size Corset Waist (cm) Skirt Waist Band (cm) Length from front/back (cm)
S 60-62.5 66-81 28/90
M 64-66.5 70-85 28/90
L 68-70.5 74-89 28/90
XL 72-74.5 78-93 28/90
2XL 76-78.5 82-97 28/90